Category: State and Local Advocacy

State and Local Governments Lead on Justice 40

In January 2021, soon after taking office, President Biden issued Executive Order 14008, which created the Justice 40 Initiative, an ambitious program to ensure historically disadvantaged communities around the country that had traditionally been marginalized would benefit from historic federal investments. The enactments of The American Rescue Plan (ARPA), Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), and the […]

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Disagreeing Without Hate

By Loren Monroe The language surrounding our political discourse is getting increasingly toxic every day. Looking at Twitter or listening to speeches by politicians offers a disturbing window into the angry national mood. The Democrat party has shown its true Communist colors. The House GOP leadership has enabled white nationalism, white supremacy, and antisemitism. Democrats […]

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Texas Legislature Update

By Jerry Strickland The grind of the 88th Texas Legislative Session is reaching maximum churn as the biennial session moves closer to the finish line. With a month left to finish considering the 8,400+ pieces of legislation filed, the House and Senate both face quick deadlines to move legislation out of their respective bodies in […]

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