BGR Group Celebrates Black History Month

For Keiffer Mitchell and Labriah Lee Holt, both Vice Presidents in BGR’s State and Local Advocacy Practice, Black History Month provides a sense of pride and inspiration. Keiffer and Labriah are well known and regarded as leaders in their communities and the field of advocacy. They both follow in the footsteps of civil rights pioneers who fostered hard fought and positive change that continue to impact Americans today.

Keiffer comes from a long line of civil rights pioneers. His grandfather, Clarence Mitchell Jr., was the head of the NAACP Washington Bureau during the civil rights era – he was essentially the lobbyist for the NAACP during the effort to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968. His grandmother, Juanita Jackson Mitchell, was the first African American woman to practice law in the state of Maryland, beginning her practice in 1950. She became a civil rights lawyer who helped to desegregate the schools and parks in the state of Maryland.

“Black history is American history and part of the fabric of our country. It’s what makes our country the greatest country in the world. Those we consider historical figures were and are everyday Americans doing extraordinary things to help not just the Black community but the entire country.” Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr.

Labriah, and Atlanta native and Managing Director of BGR’s new Atlanta office, said she is particularly inspired by former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson, Jr., who was first elected in 1974. As Atlanta’s first Black mayor, Jackson was a groundbreaking figure. He prioritized expanding the Atlanta airport in a way that made economic opportunity accessible to people across Atlanta and the entire Southeast. Labriah said Jackson’s legacy is a foundation on which Atlanta continues to thrive.

“The vision Mayor Jackson set out for Atlanta continues today. The work he did opened up doors for economic access and incorporating that vision of civil rights and inclusivity for all in America has had an impact far beyond Atlanta. As we open our Atlanta office, it is full circle to see BGR build on the legacy of growth and opportunity Mayor Jackson established here.” Labriah Lee Holt

Keiffer said the impact of Black History Month is not isolated to a single month. Instead, it is a part of the fabric of the community every day as unsung heroes among us make a difference in places ranging from community centers to schools to music studios. Labriah said that she carries Black history with her throughout the year. Through her work and community engagement, she shares triumphs as well as challenges to help everyone understand the importance of that history. Both Keiffer and Labriah agreed that Black history provides a legacy that can help all Americans learn and build and grow.


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