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About the team


The BGR team includes former senior-level appointees in the White House, Congress and Executive Branch departments and agencies. Our staffers also are veterans of political campaigns at the federal and state levels. In these key roles, they gained expertise in public policy, strategic thinking, effective advocacy and delivering results.

Members of the BGR Public Relations team have dozens of years of experience at the highest levels of journalism as well as in political, corporate and international communications.

Our key principles

As a firm, BGR prioritizes establishing policy expertise, emphasizing bipartisanship, and pursuing innovation to deliver for our clients. We take pride in our relationships, our work as a team, and our commitment to treating clients with integrity. We are always seeking to add value and deliver results. Working together, the BGR team is committed to maintaining the culture of excellence that has guided us for 35 years.


As established experts in their fields, BGR team members have the experience and background to provide the best possible policy expertise to our clients. Supported by thorough research and consistent engagement, our bipartisan team is always tracking the issues and developments that matter to our clients.


No matter who controls the halls of power, BGR is well positioned to advocate for our clients and achieve results. BGR is built to navigate any political climate with a foundation built on bipartisanship. We explore every issue from every angle to ensure our clients’ needs are met.


Throughout its history, BGR has been a leader in advocacy and committed to finding innovative ways to serve our clients. As our firm has grown, so have our offerings and our ability to impact debates in Washington, the states, and around the globe.

BGR History

  • 1991
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    BGR Group is founded by two longtime friends and colleagues, Haley Barbour and Ed Rogers. Both had recently left positions at the White House, and the firm's early activities focused on influencing the Executive Branch.
  • 1994
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    Another Executive Branch veteran, Lanny Griffith, joins Barbour and Rogers after the 1992 elections to form Barbour Griffith & Rogers.
  • 1998
    Fortune Magazine ranks BGR as Washington’s most influential lobbying firm. The firm expands to include practice groups focusing on Capitol Hill, health care policy and state governments.
  • 2000s
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    BGR establishes its International Affairs Practice to help clients influence decision-makers in political and financial capitals across the globe. BGR Public Relations is formed and offers a full slate of communications tools across all platforms. BGR also expands to become a bipartisan firm and moves to its current location in the Homer Building.
  • 2010s
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    BGR creates new practice areas in Commerce and Financial Services. In 2016, BGR celebrates its 25th anniversary. In 2018, BGR opens its first state-based office in Austin, Texas.
  • 2020s
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    BGR launches its Defense Practice and is consistently recognized as a Stand Out and Top Performing Lobbying Firm by Bloomberg Government. In 2024, BGR opens its Atlanta, Georgia office.
  • 2024
    BGR Group helps establish Advocus Partners, a comprehensive public affairs and advocacy company with a nationwide footprint.

BGR Foundation

BGR Group believes in giving back. Through the BGR Foundation, BGR and its employees have supported many important causes over the years, including several new efforts during and after the pandemic. The BGR Foundation continues to grow with BGR.

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