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Giving clients the data they need for the most important decisions they make.

Powered by our Data Science team, BGR Analytics ranks the world’s countries by analyzing data from multiple sources to create actionable reports that deliver unique insights and a competitive edge.

Make Decisions Based on Data, Not Hunches

Data should drive every major decision a client faces today, whether it’s choosing an energy source or a factory site, or telling their story in Washington. The stakes are too high for these decisions to be made on conventional wisdom, untested assumptions, instinct or anecdote.

BGR Analytics uses data-based research and proprietary methodologies to create innovative, custom analytics tools that help tell clients where they should – and should not – spend their money.

BGR Analytics is a key asset for clients facing an evolving, global landscape where data, network analysis, and artificial intelligence play increasingly powerful roles in risk assessment, Washington advocacy and communications.

A Modern Strategy for Data Analytics Tools

A key differentiator – BGR Analytics Indexes incorporate digital sources like online news and social media along with data from traditional categories.

Online reputation and social media conversations have become vital parts of risk analysis and advocacy strategy and are integral to comprehensive risk assessment.

BGR ensures your data analytics report covers all the bases and delivers key data points necessary to make a confident and advantageous decision.

Explore Our Suite of Data Analytics Products

The BGR Energy Security Index helps clients understand the risk associated with potential energy providers.

The index ranks energy-exporting countries based on data in 24 categories, including:

  • Logistics performance
  • Anti-corruption efforts
  • Rule of law
  • Proven reserves
  • Energy use per GDP
  • Electricity production by source
  • Oil and gas consumption per country
  • Passenger car (including EV) ownership
  • Measurements of capacity, security, and stability.

Countries are weighted according to their share of world energy export value to produce the overall ranking.


(with at least 2% world crude and gas exports)

BGR Energy Security Index Lowest-Risk Countries

The BGR Investment Security Index helps clients measure risk when allocating their foreign direct investment (FDI).

This analytics tool ranks FDI-target countries based on data in 36 categories including:

  • Institutional integrity
  • R&D spending
  • Manufacturing capacity
  • Currency strength
  • Infrastructure
  • Global value chain
  • Natural resource sustainability
  • Domestic market size
  • Middle-class power

Data from all categories is collected, measured, and weighted to produce an overall ranking.

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The BGR Impact Index shows foreign-government clients where they rank in Washington, D.C. and the U.S.

The index ranks all 195 U.N. Member and Observer States and analyzes data from 25 categories, including:

  • Lobbying spending
  • Outbound FDI
  • International mobility of citizens
  • Tourism spending

Each of the BGR Impact Index’s 25 categories receives its own page of analysis showing where the client country ranks compared to peer and rival countries. The BGR Impact Index is also unique in that it factors in online and social media data.

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BGR Network Analysis products are vital for relationship mapping and identifying influencers for advocacy outreach.

This tool analyzes complex relationships between individuals and entities, charting linkages, relative influence, flow of information, and other variables in an easy-to-visualize, actionable format.

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“The creation of BGR Analytics is another example of BGR’s commitment to providing cutting-edge data and information to our clients. We believe these indexes will give foreign clients, coalitions, trade groups and corporations another reason to hire BGR to help them in Washington, the U.S. and around the world.”

Bob Wood, BGR Group Chairman and CEO

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About BGR Analytics

BGR Analytics is part of the larger BGR Group – a top-ranked, bipartisan Washington lobbying, consulting, and communications firm. And we are the only one with a Data Science and Visualization Team.

This team has engineered our singular BGR data analytics tools, which deliver rankings and reports that show our clients how to spend their political advocacy and communication budgets in the smartest and most efficient way possible.

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