Financial Services

The bipartisan BGR Group Financial Services Team works at the busy intersection of business and government on a daily basis. The United States is an economic powerhouse, with capital markets that are robust, creative, and deep. This vitality is largely driven by the banking, securities, and insurance sectors, which remain highly regulated despite this nation’s core free-market philosophy. Recognizing that both legislation and regulations can effectively pick winners and losers in the marketplace, BGR’s bipartisan team offers services to financial services companies and trade associations designed to help our clients achieve their business goals in the most challenging environments. Our lobbyists possess expertise in insurance, securities, housing, finance, and consumer credit, all gained from extensive prior work on behalf of leading financial services policymakers on Capitol Hill and the Executive Branch.

Our team has extensive experience working in Congress with Members and committee staff including but not limited to the Senate Banking, Senate Finance, House Financial Services and Ways & Means committees. Our practice Co-Head, former Congressman Sean Duffy (2010-2019) served on the House Financial Services Committee for eight years and enjoyed the respect of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle. Co-Head Dan Murphy worked in both The White House and served as Chief of Staff at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Sean and Dan’s combined experience helps our clients strategically navigate complicated legislative and regulatory matters on a daily basis. We are confident we can help you and your company as you interact with Washington policymakers.

Dan Murphy and Sean Duffy