Commerce and Infrastructure

BGR’s Commerce & Infrastructure Practice is a bipartisan leader in Washington, D.C., and state capitals across the country, advocating for clients on a wide range of issues including high-speed broadband, consumer data and privacy, infrastructure, energy and environment, transportation and next generation technologies such as semiconductor supply chains, artificial intelligence, optics & photonics, and quantum computing.

Clients turn to BGR to connect federal and state lawmakers to companies that drive innovation. We translate their successes in a way that policymakers understand. The BGR team closely monitors policy issues in the Administration, Congress and state capitals regarding infrastructure, competitiveness, broadband, privacy, next generation wireless and spectrum policy. Success to us is clear: getting the results our clients demand. 

BGR’s extensive background in infrastructure policy and strong relationships in the Administration, on Capitol Hill and in state governments have made us a leading voice for stakeholders in these vital sectors. Our clients in the aviation, automotive, rail, shipping and mass transit industries rely on BGR to educate political leaders about how vital these industries are to domestic and international commerce. 

BGR also works with energy clients to navigate regulations and legislation that promote an “all of the above” energy strategy. While traditional energy products strive to become cleaner, existing sources like nuclear, renewables and other energy efficient strategies hold incredible promise to fulfill the demands of industry and communities nationwide. 

Across the spectrum of commerce and infrastructure-related issues, BGR has a successful track record of positioning our clients to achieve success.

Justin Rzepka and Jonathan Mantz, Commerce and Infrastructure Practice Co-Heads