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Health care today involves a complicated network of state and federal policy, ranging from product marketing approvals to Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement policies. Clients large and small depend on BGR for its distinctive knowledge of the health care policy and regulatory landscape, from the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to the nursing home, physician, and hospital communities. Our bipartisan lobbyists have created an unrivaled health and life sciences practice with a reputation of excellence in expertly navigating this complex course to achieve success in major health care legislation and regulatory actions.

Lobbying today is more than just relationships with lawmakers. With extensive experience across the government, our health care practice offers uniquely tailored strategies to help clients achieve their specific goals. Our approach integrates a range of effective tools, from engaging with Congress and agency officials to leveraging third-party outreach and coordinating comprehensive public relations campaigns. Whether through grassroots mobilization or direct advocacy, we ensure the right mix of tactics to deliver successful outcomes.

FDA & Public Health Working Group


The FDA & Public Health Working Group, headed by John Stone, advises and represents a wide range of biopharmaceutical, medical technology, consumer product, and food companies, as well as trade associations, with legislative and regulatory policy matters pertaining to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other government entities with scientific and public health missions.

Access & Reimbursement Working Group


The Access & Reimbursement Working Group, headed by Dan Farmer and Robb Walton, helps clients navigate the complex world of federal payment and reimbursement policy. Working with health care organizations, such as provider groups and medical product manufacturers, as well as other leading companies and trade associations in our nation’s health care delivery system, the group works on all policy matters pertaining to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) in addition to state and federal commercial insurance marketplaces. It also works directly with CMS to provide client insights on how to ensure patient access to important treatments and services.

Offerings / Capabilities

Multi-Faceted Strategy Development
Specialty Services

Multi-Faceted Strategy Development


Government Relations/Regulatory Affairs:
Our approach begins with a deep analysis of the policy environment and key stakeholders, supporting the development of strategic frameworks catered to the context of the moment. We specialize in formulating actionable plans that outline clear steps for engagement, anticipate shifts in the policy landscape, and prepare our clients to adapt and thrive. This strategic foundation sets the stage for effective advocacy and engagement initiatives.

Political Action Committees:
We provide expert guidance in identifying political candidates and issues that align with the PAC's interests, crafting targeted fundraising strategies, and allocating resources to maximize political influence and policy impact.

Alliance Development:
We specialize in identifying potential partners that share complementary goals, negotiating collaboration terms, and setting clear objectives and metrics. Our strategic approach ensures that alliances are robust, goal-oriented, and structured for mutual success.

Crisis Management:
Our crisis management expertise enables us to proactively identify potential risks, develop comprehensive contingency plans, and establish clear communication protocols. This approach ensures that we can effectively manage emergencies, minimizing damage to both reputation and operations, and maintaining operational continuity.


Virus Outbreak Health and Human Services

Regulatory Analysis:
Building from decades of experience working within the executive branch and our deep policy expertise, we enable our clients to have a detailed understanding of the impact of executive branch policies on their businesses.

Legislation Tracking:
The House and Senate includes hundreds of active policymakers introduced in impacting the field of health care. We help clients not only interpret legislation but identify the bills and committee activity with the potential to be impactful.

Building on decades of collective experience developing, drafting, and fine-tuning policy ideas, we help our clients conceptualize reforms to existing laws and regulations as well as develop brand new concepts that challenge the status quo.

Court rulings:
By examining legal precedents, assessing the implications of judicial decisions on existing laws and societal norms, and formulating strategies to navigate and outcomes in alliance with organizational objectives, we enable our clients to be responsive to the shifting legal landscape.



Congressional Engagement:
BGR excels in navigating the complexities of Congressional dynamics, employing strategic lobbying to promote and defend our clients’ interests. We engage directly with legislators and their staff to articulate the impacts and benefits of proposed and existing legislation, ensuring that our clients' perspectives are well-represented and influential in shaping policy outcomes. Through targeted advocacy, we facilitate meetings, impact hearings, and develop partnerships that align with our clients’ strategic goals, leveraging our deep connections and expertise to foster legislative support.

Key Health Care Congressional Committees:

  • Senate Finance Committee
  • Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension (HELP) Committee
  • House Energy and Commerce Committee
  • House Ways and Means Committee
  • House Education and Workforce Committee

  • Administration Engagement:
    Federal agencies carry the authority and manpower to issue meaningful and impactful policy changes, often with limited notice. We understand the critical importance of engaging with both political appointees in Administrations and long-term career staff to effectively advocate for our clients' interests and impact the federal policy landscape. Our team works diligently to connect with key decision-makers and regulatory officials across multiple agencies, ensuring that our clients’ views are considered in regulatory decisions and policy formulations. We provide comprehensive support, from submitting comments on regulatory proposals to arranging meetings with agency officials, ensuring that our clients’ voices are heard at the highest levels of government.

    Key Engagement Targets

  • White House
  • Office of Management and Budget
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Specialty Services


    Comment Letters:
    Regulators and Congress alike receive thousands of letters offering comments on specific proposed policies and broad perspectives on high level topics alike. With experience sitting in the chairs of those reviewing the letters and deciding on additional actions, BGR helps clients in the process of developing letters that meet the tone and content most relevant to the particular moment.

    Legislative Drafting:
    We aid in the development and drafting of legislation, leveraging our expertise to ensure clarity and effectiveness. Our approach ensures that the resulting legislative language and associated policy rationale reflects the goals and priorities of our clients and is presented in a manner that resonates with lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

    Expert Witness Testimony:
    Our approach is tailored to equip clients with the skills and confidence needed to effectively communicate their perspective, anticipate questions, and maintain composure under scrutiny through coaching and guidance.

    Litigation Support:
    We leverage our considerable policy and industry expertise to support our clients in the development of litigation strategy and provide expert testimony in legal proceedings.

    BGR Connect

    BGR Connect provides unrivaled insight into the most important and complex federal policy issues facing the health care sector. BGR Connect is an offering from the BGR Group, a bipartisan Washington lobbying, consulting and communications firm with one of the most experienced and comprehensive health care lobbying and policy teams in town. Whether it’s Congressional activity, federal rulemaking and guidance or significant voices in the policymaking arena, such the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), BGR Connect has you covered!

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