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BGR’s Appropriations Practice assists clients with navigating all phases of the federal funding process, including identifying funding opportunities, submitting official requests to Congressional offices, and working with federal agencies to expedite the release of appropriated funds. Through a deep understanding of the federal budget process, including the interaction between Congressional subcommittees and government agencies, we help clients effectively navigate the complex federal funding process and deliver concrete results.

BGR works with clients to help identify funding opportunities and secure increases in program funding, as well as instructive language in appropriations bills and committee reports. We have a track record of helping clients secure directed Congressional appropriations in the form of earmarks.

Our efforts are not limited to congressional appropriations. We help clients creatively identify opportunities to pursue competitive public and private funding opportunities and enlist local, state, and federal allies to make the strongest case for securing necessary funds. We ensure all grant requirements are met and deadlines are adhered to.

The BGR team’s wide breadth of experiences and perspectives has driven successful appropriations strategies at both the state and federal levels. With expertise across all government agencies, our bipartisan team ensures clients get results.


Federal Outreach and Advocacy
Navigating the Federal Appropriations Process
Identifying and Securing Additional Funding Opportunities

Federal Outreach and Advocacy

BGR’s Appropriations Practice provides clients with a comprehensive and strategic approach to engaging with key stakeholders in the federal government. We recognize that successful advocacy requires cultivating strong relationships and garnering support from influential decision-makers. Our team actively engages with relevant congressional committees and key stakeholders to cultivate champions and build support. BGR’s Appropriations Practice maintains excellent relationships with senior appropriators and committee staff, and we assist clients in building and strengthening relationships with these congressional offices to help achieve their legislative priorities. Furthermore, we have diligently cultivated ties with relevant administration officials and agency personnel to ensure effective communication and advocacy for our clients' priorities across all levels of government. Leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we facilitate constructive dialogues and collaborations between our clients and federal agencies, Congressional members, and White House officials, maximizing our clients’ opportunities for funding and policy advancement.

Navigating the Federal Appropriations Process

BGR’s Appropriations Practice brings invaluable expertise and insight to the federal appropriations process. We offer practical guidance to clients navigating the intricate process of securing federal funding. From tracking the budget process to drafting and submitting appropriations requests, our team provides comprehensive support at every step, ensuring that our clients' needs are addressed with precision and efficiency. Our appropriations experts are adept at crafting persuasive narratives and leveraging their expertise to optimize funding outcomes. Whether advocating for specific funding allocations or shaping policy language in appropriations bills, we are committed to ensuring that our clients’ interests are effectively represented throughout the legislative process. We have also helped clients secure funding through directed congressional appropriations in the form of earmarks, demonstrating our ability to deliver tangible results.

Identifying and Securing Additional Funding Opportunities

Our commitment to securing funding for our clients extends beyond the federal appropriations process. We take a creative approach to identifying additional opportunities, exploring a wide range of competitive funding sources available in both the public and private sectors. By tapping into our extensive network and resources, we help clients uncover potential funding streams that they may not have previously considered. We understand the importance of collaboration in securing funding, which is why we are actively engaged with local, state, and federal allies to increase our clients’ chances of success. Additionally, we provide meticulous attention to detail throughout the application process, ensuring that our clients' submissions are thorough, accurate, and timely.

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