Paycheck Protection Program Saving Jobs, Keeping Futures Bright

By Jennifer Larkin Lukawski

January 15, 2021

In 2017, Stephanie and Mark Cartier of Middletown, New Jersey were at a loss as to how to help their 21 year old daughter Katie, who has Down Syndrome, find a job after aging out of public school. After being inspired by a television news story about a restaurant in Texas that employed people with disabilities, the Cartiers decided to open their own business with a similar mission. They did this not only to provide a job for Katie, but also for other adults with intellectual disabilities in their community. After three years of intense planning and a lot of help from volunteers and local businesses, No Limits Café finally opened its doors. The Café offered a hearty lunch menu as well as a chance for 30 special needs adults to learn all aspects of the business and experience the pride and joy of employment. It represented real hope for the future of their current and future employees.