Ali Khan

Ali Khan is the Managing Director of BGR Group’s London office. Ali has nearly 20 years of investment banking experience, having worked with established international investment banks such as HSBC Bank, UBS and RBS. He has worked around the globe, in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Geneva and London, and across business lines and asset classes, such as equity-sales, corporate finance, private-equity and asset management.

In the 1990s Ali helped to build the institutional equity sales business for Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation Securities in Singapore. He then joined HSBC Bank and worked in their corporate finance division. Ali was then seconded to a Geneva-based family investment office, which he joined full time a few years later. In Geneva, Ali was responsible for the complete asset management strategy, a multi-asset class approach including global public equity markets, private equity and PIPES. Ali focused on U.S., Europe and Asian markets, invested across various sectors including technology.

In 2006 Ali moved with his family to Dubai, where he helped drive the infrastructure-build and asset management strategy for an Abu Dhabi-based family investment office, before returning to the U.K. in 2011 to head up Royal Bank of Scotland’s Middle East North Africa Equity Sales business. His mandate was to re-energize the equity sales across to institutional clients.

Ali obtained his MBA from Exeter University, is married with three children and lives in London.