Litigation Support

Managing the media is a necessity

If you or your company are facing rumors, disinformation, accusations or inquiries in the U.S. or abroad, that means that bankers, compliance officers, reporters, business partners and customers are hearing only one side of the story.

BGR works across all traditional and digital channels to make sure your story is told. BGR offers full-service, cutting-edge litigation support and reputation management for clients who have pending or active legal proceedings. We are a resource for – and are often hired directly by – law firms. A primary battleground is Page 1 of Google search — today’s first impression. BGR can help build a successful strategy, create positive content and craft a narrative that prominently elevates your story in online searches. We work in all phases of litigation – before, during and after formal proceedings — and help with rehabilitation and long-term reputation management.

Ed Rogers and Amb. Kurt Volker


Create authoritative and expert content that tells your story, including:

  • Work with highly-credentialed experts to produce op-eds, positive articles, interviews, statements and in-depth reports.
  • Videos produced by award-winning filmmakers, including interviews, documentaries and features.
  • Motion-graphic videos that simplify complicated issues.
  • Infographics for distribution to reporters and on social media.
  • Journalism-quality articles and news sites that tell the facts that are not being reported about your case.

Deploy the complete online toolbox to distribute and optimize your content, including:

  • The latest search engine optimization tactics to make sure your content is featured on Google-indexed sites and rises high in search rankings.
  • Mitigation and dilution of negative content in search results.
  • Relevant keyword ads atop Google Page 1, as well as social media ad campaigns. Creation and management of all online channels, including Medium, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Real-time media and social media monitoring and analytics that identifies influencers and areas of opportunity and acts as an early warning system against potential pitfalls.
  • Wikipedia maintenance.

Provide strategic earned-media opportunities, including:

  • Meetings and interviews with traditional and online journalists.
  • Handling incoming media inquiries, offering spokesperson services and contacting select reporters and editors.
  • Appearances on relevant television, radio and online broadcast outlets, including podcasts.
  • Media training.