State Advocacy and Government Marketing

State Advocacy and Government Marketing

BGR’s State Advocacy and Government Marketing teams in Washington and Austin maintains extensive and high-level relationships with federal agencies, governors, Lt. governors, attorneys general, secretaries of state, legislative leaders, and mayors throughout the country. Our trusted name and reputation are valued commodities that are consistently relied upon to deliver new business opportunities and policy solutions. Our bipartisan team is comprised of professionals who have decades of experience navigating complex issues within government entities across the country.

BGR works with businesses, universities, trade associations and non-profit organizations to promote services to federal, state, and local government agencies, secure and release congressionally-directed research funds from federal agencies, and advance federal objectives through legislative report language, and identify opportunities for directed federal funding.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, state officials were the driving force on economic development, health care delivery, equitable education, disaster response and infrastructure improvement spending and policies. Seventeen presidents (almost 40%) have previously held office as chief executive of a state or as Mayor, providing them with the institutional knowledge and invaluable experience of how to properly run state and local governments, negotiate with state legislatures, respond to emergencies, and work with business leaders.

One BGR mission is providing opportunities for our clients to engage elected officials from both sides of the aisle. With women currently serving 29% of state legislator positions, BGR Principal Kristin Strobel (third from the left) hosted legislators in our office to share ideas with government affairs professionals.

Our bipartisan team’s capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Legislative, executive, and regulatory advocacy through direct engagement with state, local and federal decision-makers.
  • Advising, organizing, and implementing multi-state advocacy campaigns, including identifying and managing local consultants.
  • Coordinating federal and state affairs advocacy strategies.
  • Persuading state and local leaders to support federal priorities.
  • Issue intelligence gathering, policy analysis & legislative tracking.
  • Helping secure state and federal appropriations for education, infrastructure, health care and technology priorities.
  • Crafting business development and procurement strategies before the RFP process begins.
  • Improving working relationships with state Medicaid Directors, Medical Directors and Pharmacy Directors on coverage issues.
  • Providing strategic political counsel, including maximizing the benefits of membership in state government associations.