Policy and Regulatory Analysis

Our clients are facing mounting pressures from legislative and regulatory activity. Every regulatory or legislative action presents opportunity or risk, winners and losers. We proactively work to ensure our clients are engaged early in the process and assist them with navigating the complexities of the process at every stage to limit their risk and increase their opportunities.

BGR adds value. Drawing on decades of experience in policymaking at the highest levels of government at the federal and state levels, BGR can chart a successful course for our clients through the most challenging of policy processes, identifying key players and helping clients avoid pitfalls. Our team provides a wide variety of research and analysis to support our clients; from tracking federal and state policies and administrative actions to assisting with long-term research projects, we provide our clients with up-to-the-minute analysis to make informed decisions.

Governor Haley Barbour gives remarks at a BGR event featuring the Speaker of the House.