Commerce Practice

BGR’s commerce practice team is a leader in Washington and state capitals advocating for our clients on a range of issues including expanding high-speed internet and communications service; upgrading transportation networks; protecting consumer data and privacy; advancing science, technology and engineering research; and navigating the ever-changing oil and gas markets.

Erskine Wells discusses U.S. commerce issues with Senator Todd Young at the BGR Washington office.


As the pace of technological innovation continues to increase, government must find ways to adapt. Companies turn to the experts at BGR who sit at the nexus of federal and state lawmakers and the companies that drive innovation ensuring clients can translate their successes in a way that policy makers can understand. The BGR team closely monitors and impacts the debates in Congress and U.S. state capitals around issues including privacy, next generation wireless and broadband networks, and spectrum policy. Our knowledge of the process and motivations of decision makers ensure that our clients achieve their goals. Success to us is clear: getting the results our clients need. We are successful.


BGR’s extensive background in transportation policy and strong relationships on Capitol Hill and in state governments have made us a leading voice for stakeholders in this vital sector. Our clients in the aviation, automotive, rail, shipping and mass transit industries rely on the BGR team to educate the political leaders – helping them understand that these industries are vital to domestic and international commerce. Millions of American jobs are dependent on a healthy economy and global competitiveness.


Powering a modern economy requires dependable and diverse fuel sources. While traditional energy products strive to become cleaner, existing sources like nuclear, renewables and other energy efficient strategies hold incredible promise to fulfill the demands of industry and communities nationwide. Energy security depends on regulations and legislation that promote an “all of the above” strategy. Stakeholders need a clear perspective of the entire spectrum of challenges and opportunities – both at the national and state levels. BGR has significant experience representing a number of diverse energy interests and has been active in many of the key legislative debates over the past quarter century. BGR has a successful track record of positioning our clients to achieve success.

Stay One Step Ahead

To tackle the telecommunication, transportation and energy problems of tomorrow, policy makers must invest in the technologies of the future now. Quantum research, artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing will unlock economic progress inconceivable today. Research groups routinely turn to BGR to advocate for these needs.

Be Informed

The commerce practice also compiles and distributes weekly “Commerce Practice Wrap Ups” to clients. These summaries provide an overview of Congress’ activity, including recaps of relevant hearings and a look at upcoming hearings that are of interest to each client. The wrap ups also provide an overview of any pertinent industry news from the Administration and Congress – guaranteeing BGR clients are up to date on how the regulatory or legislative ground is ever-changing.