Coalitions & Fly-Ins

Coalition Management

Finding allies and working with them in an organized fashion is central to influencing legislation and regulation. Democracy moves when large numbers of people combine to make the case together. BGR understands this well and has developed an expertise in coalition management.

From taxation to transportation, BGR has led the government affairs and communications efforts of large groups of companies and trade associations. United for common purpose and with clear joint communications and advocacy, BGR-run coalitions have been models of efficiency and effectiveness. Large enterprises need steady hands at the helm. The potent combination of BGR PR and Government Affairs provides that to coalitions of all sizes.

Jeffery Birnbaum, Liz Fontaine and Alex Ellis discuss a client’s website analytics and ways to expand its audience.


BGR has extensive experience in organizing and coordinating Congressional Visits Days, otherwise known as “Fly-Ins.” As Washington continues to adapt to the limitations imposed by COVID, BGR is able to help plan your next visit to Washington whether it is in person or virtual. BGR’s bipartisan team has extensive relationships with Republicans and Democrats in Congress, administration officials, and key players in federal Agencies. As part of our fly-in service, BGR is able to:

  • Develop a target list of key Members of Congress, Committee staffers, and senior members of the administration and federal agencies for outreach.
  • Schedule and coordinate meetings with Congressional offices and administration officials.
  • Create and produce briefing materials and leave behind materials.
  • Provide a training session for fly-in participants to review key talking points and tips for how to have a successful meeting.
  • Arrange supplemental events including fundraisers and policy briefings.