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Working with Governors, Mayors and Attorneys General

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Shaping tomorrow’s health & life sciences policy

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Helping international clients navigate Washington

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In Washington, in State Capitals and Around the World

With senior-level experience in the White House, Congress and the Executive Branch, coupled with uncommon strategic vision, policy expertise and close working relationships with decision-makers around the world, the BGR Government Affairs team is prepared to take on your greatest challenges. Our reputation for excellence is known in the nation’s capital and around the globe.

A bipartisan lobbying firm, we specialize in creating, implementing and changing public policy. Whether you seek new legislation, need to modify regulation, or want to put a stop to adverse legislation, we have the skills to achieve results under the most difficult circumstances.

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International, Defense & Trade


BGR’s international practice crafts and implements advocacy and communications strategies for a wide range of clients – from governments to businesses, from non-governmental organizations, civil society groups and opposition political parties to coalitions and from U.S. companies, multinational or non-U.S. companies to trade associations and coalition campaigns and private individuals.

Our success in international politics and business stems from our longstanding relationships with key government and business decision-makers in Washington and in capitals across the world, augmented by our understanding of the complexities – political, economic, security, cultural and historic – that shape their decisions.

We help our clients navigate the U.S. government, including Congress, the State, Treasury and Commerce Departments; the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and the Export-Import Bank, as well as state and local government leaders and agencies. We create and execute public relations campaigns. We liaise with multilateral organizations, including the World Bank and United Nations. We advise our clients on potential transactions and facilitate introductions to potential business partners.

In addition, our International practice offers:


As part of the international practice, BGR represents a number of major defense companies focused on shaping and informing U.S. national security policy. This work touches all branches of the Department of Defense and the relevant Congressional committees. Thanks to our team of experts, BGR possess access and knowledge, which has helped our clients succeed in the ever changing national security landscape.

BGR’s international team has experience at the highest levels of government foreign policy development and implementation – in presidential administrations since Ronald Reagan and on both sides of the aisle in Congress. We possess a combination of strategic vision, an unparalleled network of relationships inside Washington, and intimate engagement with business and government leaders around the globe. This translates into a competitive advantage for our clients.

International, Defense & Trade Team

Health and Life Sciences

Since BGR’s inception, the firm’s health and life sciences practice has been a driving force in its growth. Clients from the pharmaceutical research industry, state governments, nursing homes, medical device manufacturers and hospitals depend on BGR for its distinctive knowledge of the health care policy and regulatory landscape. The firm’s health care lobbyists have played key roles in the debate over major health care legislation.

Health care today involves a complicated network of state and federal policy, ranging from Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement policies to product approvals and sales. BGR’s lobbyists have navigated this complex course and earned a reputation of excellence and created an unrivaled health and life sciences practice.

To better serve our clients, we have established two working groups within our health and life sciences practice:

The FDA & Public Health Working Group, headed by Remy Brim, Ph.D., and John Stone, advises and represents a wide range of biopharmaceutical, medical technology, consumer product and food companies as well as trade associations with legislative and regulatory policy matters pertaining to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other government entities with scientific and public health missions.

The Access & Reimbursement Working Group, headed by Matt Hoffmann and Robb Walton, works with health care organizations such as provider groups and medical product manufacturers, as well as other leading companies and trade associations throughout our nation’s health care delivery system. The Access & Reimbursement team works on all policy matters pertaining to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) as well as the state and federal commercial insurance marketplace.

Health and Life Sciences Team

State & Local

An extensive and high-level network of policy and political relationships with Governors, Attorneys General, legislative leaders and Mayors enables our state and local government affairs team to deliver business opportunities and policy solutions to clients. BGR has helped clients negotiate incentives in locating new facilities, sell products and services to state and local agencies, pass and defeat legislation and activate state and local support for federal advocacy efforts.

State & Local Team


Few interests undertake issue campaigns alone. Finding allies and working with them in an organized fashion is central to influencing legislation and regulation. Democracy moves when large numbers of people combine to make the case together. BGR PR understands this well and has developed an expertise in coalition management. From taxation to transportation, BGR PR has led the communications efforts of large groups of companies and trade associations. United for common purpose and with clear joint communications, the coalitions have been models of efficiency and effectiveness. Large enterprises need steady hands at the helm. BGR PR has offered that repeatedly and is eager to take on more.

Commerce, Infrastructure & Energy

Political leaders in Washington and in state capitals understand that roads, rails, mass transit, aviation and waterways are vital to domestic and international commerce and affect millions of American jobs. Emerging energy technologies increasingly involve non-traditional energy sources. Increasing demand will require new choices for consumers and colliding interests between industry and regulators. We expect a constantly changing and always challenging legislative and regulatory situation in this space.

BGR’s background in transportation policy and strong relationships on Capitol Hill and in state governments have enabled us to emerge as a leading voice for stakeholders in this vital sector. In short, we can help clients achieve their goals. Fuel taxes no longer bring in enough revenue to fund the repair and replacement of roads and bridges. Volatile crude-oil prices create uncertainty for taxpayers’ wallets and airlines’ profits. Railroads face new regulatory threats and aging seaports and inland waterways can no longer compete against Asian and Caribbean ports. At the same time, policy makers are recognizing that a modern, efficient transportation system is inextricably tied to a healthy economy and global competitiveness. It only makes sense for clients of many kinds to turn to BGR. Our experience and record of success for our energy and transportation clients has spanned years.

For the past 25 years, BGR has been an active player in virtually every energy policy debate. We have worked closely with a diverse set of clients on issues involving energy production, utilization, transmission and energy efficiency. BGR has a keen understanding of the issues, as well as the tax implications that impact the energy market. From appreciating the continued importance of fossil fuels for our economy to recognizing the growing significance of clean energy and renewable energy spurred through innovation, BGR has demonstrated its expertise and delivered legislative victories to its clients. BGR has deep relationships with decision makers on both sides of the aisle in Washington and in state capitols across the country. We know how to seek and receive solutions to complex problems.

Commerce, Infrastructure & Energy Team

Financial Services

The U.S. is an economic powerhouse, with capital markets that are robust, creative, and deep. This vitality is largely driven by the banking, securities, and insurance sectors, which remain highly regulated despite this nation’s core free-market philosophy. Recognizing that regulation can effectively pick winners and losers in the marketplace, BGR offers services to financial services companies and trade associations designed to help our clients achieve their business goals in the most challenging environments. Our lobbyists possess expertise in insurance, securities, housing, finance, and consumer credit, all gained from extensive prior work for leading financial services policymakers on Capitol Hill and the Executive Branch.

Financial Services Team

Policy & Regulatory Analysis

Our clients are facing mounting pressures from legislative and regulatory activity. Every regulatory or legislative action presents opportunity or risk, winners and losers. We proactively work to ensure our clients are engaged early in the process and assist them with navigating the complexities of the process at every stage to limit their risk and increase their opportunities.

BGR adds value. Drawing on decades of experience in policymaking at the highest levels of government at the federal and state levels, BGR can chart a successful course for our clients through the most challenging of policy processes, identifying key players and helping clients avoid pitfalls. Our team provides a wide variety of research and analysis to support our clients; from tracking federal and state policies and administrative actions to assisting with long-term research projects, we provide our clients with up-to-the-minute analysis to make informed decisions.

Policy & Regulatory Analysis Team

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