Coronavirus: What Comes Next?


April 27, 2020

To gain insights on longer-term issues tied to the coronavirus pandemic, RCW Editor-at-Large and BGR Senior International Advisor Kurt Volker spoke with former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt. A full transcript follows:

Kurt Volker:  So Carl:  You have been Prime Minister, you have been Foreign Minister, you’re a senior European statesman, and I just thought it would be interesting for people on this side of the Atlantic to get a perspective on what you’re seeing.   

What is it like in Sweden now?  It has been in the news a lot.  Some people here are saying, Oh, Sweden is doing this herd immunity thing, and that’s the right thing, because it has kept the economy going.  Others have said, “No, no, no they’re going to get higher deaths now. and it’s going to be worse.  How do you see it living there, and stepping out from there, how do you see Sweden comparing with the rest of Europe?

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