BGR Views: Election Outlook for Governors and States Attorneys General

In the latest BGR Views, BGR Vice President & Texas Director Jerry Strickland interviews members of BGR’s State Advocacy and Government Marketing Practice – Practice Head Loren Monroe, Principal Kristin Strobel and Senior Director Ryan Dalton – about the election outlook for governors and state attorneys general.

BGR Views: Election Outlook for Governors and States Attorneys General from BGR Group on Vimeo.

BGR Sr. Director Ryan Dalton on Gov. Cuomo Assuming Leadership of NGA

BGR’S RYAN DALTON, SENIOR DIRECTOR FOR STATE ADVOCACY AND GOVERNMENT MARKETING, ON GOVERNOR CUOMO ASSUMING LEADERSHIP OF NATIONAL GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION WITH A MESSAGE COMPLEMENTARY TO BIDEN’S: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was unanimously voted Chair of the National Governors Association this week. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson was elected Vice Chair. Cuomo outlined an approach and set of priorities complementary to the plans former Vice President Biden has laid out for his first term. Cuomo announced a three-pronged strategy, “America’s Recovery and Revival,” focused on getting the federal government to work with the states to contain COVID, dealing with the economic and public health fallout, and starting “a new chapter” between the federal government and state leaders.

His long-standing relationship and shared approach with Vice President Biden could signal a new importance for NGA depending on the outcome of the November elections. Vice President Biden, who has been campaigning on a “Build Back Better” agenda, signaled strong support for Governors this week, praising state leaders for rising to the challenges presented by COVID-19. Vice President Biden and Governor Cuomo also have outlined a similar set of top priorities, from the economy and health care, to their desire to invest in and rebuild America’s infrastructure. Governor Cuomo, who has an impressive track record, is poised to be both a persuasive advocate on behalf of governors and crucial counsel to Vice President Biden if elected.

State & Local Impact of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES)

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), H.R. 748

April 3, 2020
Brief Summary of Top-Line Items

  • Largest relief legislation ever passed by Congress
  • Represents one-half of all federal spending on an annual basis
  • Includes $150 billion in direct aid to states, territories, tribes, and local governments
  • Individual checks of $1200 sent directly to many Americans and $500 for children
  • Loan program for small businesses of $377 billion
  • $500 billion lending fund for businesses, cities and states

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