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BGR’s Amb. Volker on defending against “a dictator on the prowl”

As Europe faces the most brutal conflict on the continent since World War II, it’s clear the impact from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war will not be contained within Ukraine’s borders. CBS News’ Margaret Brennan talks with the former U.S. envoy to Ukraine, Ambassador Kurt Volker, about the strength of the Western alliance, and the […]

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Building the Post-Pandemic World

The National Interest May 24, 2020 BY JAMES JAY CARAFANO and KURT VOLKER The coronavirus pandemic has set the stage for the greatest upheaval in the global order since World War Two. China, Russia, Iran and other adversaries of America are positioning themselves to take advantage of the post-pandemic environment and may have significant advantages […]

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Ukraine’s Moment of Truth

CEPA April 8, 2020 BY AMBASSADOR KURT VOLKER Ukraine’s Parliament will face a moment of truth when it meets on April 10. As the novel coronavirus increasingly impacts the country, the Rada must finally pass the banking legislation necessary to free up $8 billion in IMF funding, and a further $1.5 billion from other sources. […]

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