Largest Lobbying Firms in Greater D.C.

Washington Business Journal

BGR Group ranked third in largest lobbying firm in greater D.C. based on 2020 income.



BGR Group Recognized as “Standout Firm” in Bloomberg 2020 Survey

Washington, D.C. (May 28, 2021) – BGR Group, Washington, D.C.’s premier bipartisan lobbying and public relations firm, has once again been recognized as a Standout Firm by Bloomberg Government. BGR Group ranks second on the list. According to Bloomberg Government, “Standout firms are defined as firms that displayed impressive performance in 2020 by exceeding thresholds in key metrics: revenue growth, growth in average revenue per client, client retention, and revenue per lobbyist.” This is the fourth consecutive year BGR Group has been named as a Standout Firm by the Bloomberg Survey.

“BGR is proud of our continued record of service to our clients, particularly during the pandemic,” BGR Group President and CEO Bob Wood said. “Over our thirty-year history, BGR has provided consistent and quality results. We are honored to work with clients across multiple issue areas ranging from healthcare to financial services to state and local affairs. As indicated by the survey, our client retention and addition of new clients in a challenging year was exceptional. Our outstanding team of bipartisan policy and public relations professionals continues to grow and achieve success for our clients.”

Established in 1991, BGR Group has offices in Washington, Austin, Beijing and London, and extensive business relationships around the world. The bipartisan firm’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, foreign governments, trade associations, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, hospitals and coalitions. The BGR team includes former senior-level appointees in the White House, Congress and Executive Branch departments and agencies. BGR’s staffers are veterans of political campaigns at the presidential, congressional and gubernatorial levels. In these key roles, team members gained expertise in public policy, strategic thinking, effective advocacy and delivering results. BGR Public Relations team members have dozens of years of experience at the highest levels of journalism as well as in political, corporate and international communications. Working together, BGR Group’s Government Affairs and Public Relations teams communicate our clients’ needs and help them achieve success.

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