Biden Transition News – ACA, November 13, 2020


On Tuesday, November 10, President-elect Joe Biden delivered a speech on the Affordable Care Act and the Biden-Harris administration’s health care plan.


President-elect Biden gave remarks about the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on the case that represents far right attempts to continue their long fight against the Affordable Care Act. He stated that the Supreme Court has upheld the law twice, and Congress will continue to express the popular will of the people by rejecting efforts to erase the law.

However, also of note was what the President-elect did not lay out in the speech – a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act if the Supreme Court were to strike parts of the law, or the law in its entirety. While President-elect Biden has been critical of President Trump for failing to produce a comprehensive health care plan for public review, he provided little insight into how his Administration would approach that scenario.

Furthermore, President-elect Biden did not discuss how a Republican-controlled Senate might impede his more ambitious visions for health care reform. The President-elect made a public option a focal point of his plan to build on the Affordable Care Act and expand coverage to new populations, including those unable to purchase insurance due to their state’s decision not to conduct a Medicaid expansion.

It was not surprising that the President-elect took the occasion of the Supreme Court’s review of the Affordable Care Act to reiterate his vision for health care coverage. However, his speech provided little additional insight into how the incoming Administration may adjust its agenda to the scenario.


Nothing new here – it was widely known that Biden’s position was built on preserving the Affordable Care Act.



Quite a bit, though not until January. The transition team will continue planning for its initial actions in the early days of the new administration. They may provide some additional insight into their thinking – or they may not.



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