BGR PR Principal Frank Ahrens on Hyundai’s use of K-pop Superstars BTS Branding Power


September 1, 2020

By Frank Ahrens

Hyundai Motor could not have better-timed the announcement that it is turning its little-known trio of Ioniq cars into a sub-brand. Why? Because the brand has partnered with K-pop superstar group BTS, which is basically the biggest thing in entertainment on the planet at this moment.

On September 1, BTS and Hyundai debuted a music video called, “Ioniq: I’m On It,” designed to promote the new sub-brand, which was launched in August.

Song lyrics include: “Full energy/higher esteem/better focus on what’s charging me.” So far, it has nearly 1 million views. This may seem like a lot, but BTS does these kinds of numbers before breakfast.

The Korean group launched its first English-language music video, “Dynamite,” on August 20. In the first 24 hours, it logged 101 million views, breaking a YouTube record. By September 1, the video had 269 million views. Yes — more than one-quarter of a billion. BTS are not just the most popular K-Pop band; they are among the most popular groups in the world. “Dynamite” recently won multiple trophies at MTV’s Video Music Awards, beating out Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. BTS fans – known as the BTS ARMY — are global, multi-racial, attuned to social justice issues and are political activists.

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