BGR Group Launches BGR Analytics to Provide Clients with Political and Economic Risk-Assessment Tools

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Data-driven indexes rank the world’s countries based on their energy and investment security and impact in Washington, D.C.

Netherlands, Canada and Norway top 2023 BGR Energy Security Index as lowest-risk gas exporters

WASHINGTON D.C. (May 15, 2023) – BGR Group, a top-performing lobbying and communications firm, announces the launch of BGR Analytics, a new practice area that uses data-based research and proprietary methodologies to create risk-assessment tools for clients facing global political and economic decisions.

The creation of BGR Analytics meets clients’ needs for data analysis about significant expenditures such as siting a factory, sourcing energy or dealing with the U.S. government. Powered by BGR’s Data Science team, BGR Analytics generates rankings of countries across numerous categories and creates bespoke, in-depth, actionable reports that give clients an edge over competitors.

BGR Analytics works closely with BGR’s International and Trade lobbying practice and BGR Public Relations, whose clients include foreign governments and Fortune 500 companies. BGR Analytics will be a key asset and guide for clients facing a changing landscape where data, network analysis and artificial intelligence play increasingly powerful roles in risk assessment, Washington advocacy and communications.

In addition to data from traditional categories, BGR Analytics Indexes incorporate online news and social media data – a key differentiator from other indexes. Online reputation and social media conversations are vital parts of risk analysis and advocacy strategy.

“The creation of BGR Analytics is another example of BGR’s commitment to providing cutting-edge data and information to our clients,” said BGR Group Chairman and CEO Bob Wood. “We believe these indexes will give foreign clients, coalitions, trade groups and corporations another reason to hire BGR to help them in Washington, the U.S. and around the world.”

Initial products produced by the BGR Data Science Team include:

The BGR Energy Security Index helps clients understand the risk associated with potential energy sources. The index ranks energy-exporting countries based on data in 24 categories, including logistics performance, anti-corruption efforts, rule of law, proven reserves and measurements of capacity, security and stability. The countries are weighted according to their share of world energy export value to produce the overall ranking.

Here are some findings of the 2023 BGR Energy Security Index:

The BGR Investment Security Index helps clients measure risk when allocating their foreign direct investment (FDI). This index ranks FDI-target countries based on data in 36 categories, including institutional integrity, R&D spending, manufacturing capacity, currency strength, infrastructure, global value chain, natural resource sustainability, domestic market size, middle-class power and other key measurements to produce the overall ranking.

The BGR Impact Index shows foreign-government clients where they rank in Washington, D.C. and the U.S. The index ranks all 195 U.N. Member and Observer countries based on data from 25 categories, including lobbying spending, outbound FDI, international mobility of citizens, GDP, cultural impact, tourism spending and other measurements. The Impact Index is the only such ranking of countries that factors in online and social media; 13.8 trillion pieces of online data were analyzed over all of 2022.

BGR Network Analysis products are created using data visualization to show complicated relationships between entities and individuals in an easy-to-understand format. These tools are useful for relationship mapping and identifying influencers for advocacy outreach.

“BGR Analytics represents a ‘Moneyball’ approach to helping clients assess risk when considering major capital outlays and to help countries learn where they stand in Washington and the U.S.,” said BGR Public Relations Principal Frank Ahrens, of BGR’s Data Science team. “Data often challenge long-held beliefs, gut instinct and anecdotal evidence, and that’s the case with BGR Analytics products.”

“Moneyball,” a 2003 book by Michael Lewis about the Oakland Athletics’ use of advanced data analytics to assess baseball player performance, has become a term of art to describe rigorous analysis of data to gain insight and create a competitive edge.


With offices in Washington, Austin, and London, and extensive business relationships around the world, BGR Group’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, foreign governments, trade associations, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, hospitals and coalitions. When executives, industry representatives and government leaders seek strategic partners for their most important challenges, they turn to a trusted, bipartisan partner: BGR. BGR abides by all FARA regulations.

CONTACT: Frank Ahrens, BGR PR Principal, fahrens@bgrpr.com



Product Examples

Each of the BGR Impact Index’s 25 categories receives its own page of analysis showing where the client country ranks compared to peer and rival countries, to show where it is punching above or below its weight.

BGR Network Analytics products map and analyze complex relationships between individuals and entities, charting linkages, relative influence, flow of information and other variables in an easy-to-visualize, actionable format.


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