Message from Our Founding Partner

If the first two decades of the 21st century have taught us anything, it’s that uncertainty and opportunities co-exist. Multiple forces -- good and bad -- drive technology, politics, society and economies.

The BGR Group is your best answer to navigating successfully through this volatile political and financial environment.

Washington is becoming a town of what you know, and no one knows the architecture of Washington and public policy better than BGR Group. Our bipartisan government relations, media management and business advisory teams have expertise in multiple Washington policy areas and our international relationships are second to none.

We solve problems and identify opportunities.

The BGR Group was founded on lobbying. But today’s complex problems require more. BGR Group offers top-flight lobbying, traditional and social media expertise and over-the-horizon business and security analysis. We stand at the intersection of politics, media and business and we win for our clients internationally, in Washington and in state capitals.

Now in our third decade, we are anchored by our founders, who remain in place, and we continue to add the fresh talent that our clients and partners have come to expect.

If you are a longtime client facing new challenges or a potential new client looking for the right strategic fit, we invite you to check out BGR Group – your global partner in government, media and commerce.


Ed Rogers

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