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In Coronavirus Crisis, South Korea Shows How Government PR is Done

March 16, 2020


At its core PR is about relating information to the public. Few governments are doing that better than South Korea as it battles coronavirus.

South Korea wouldn’t think of its transparency and rapid communication of information as public relations. But PR pros recognize South Korea’s use of openness and transparency. They would admire its tactics, speed and technology.

Outside of China and Italy, coronavirus has hit no country harder than South Korea. More than 82,00 cases are reported (as of March 16, 2020). Fortunately, new cases have been trending down in recent days.

Communications Helping

The nation’s success against the virus is attributable in part to the varied, transparent and innovative ways the government has been communicating. Importantly, the communication is aimed at citizens and foreigners living in the country. Some highlights:

Testing and Convenience

Testing also has played a major role. The nation of 51 million has conducted more than 222,000 tests, far more than any other country – including China – per capita. South Korea has made testing free for anyone who wants a test and has made it convenient.

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