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Governing and Donald Trump

September 3, 2016

Jeffrey H. Birnbaum
The presidency doesn’t lend itself to on-the-job training
Donald Trump has been accused by his critics of having a variety of shortcomings. They complain about his temperament, his crassness and his whimsical approach to the facts.

What they underplay is his most glaring omission — his lack of experience in government.

Most analysts say that Mr. Trump has benefited because he wasn’t a politician until a year ago. Being an outsider has been deemed a major advantage in an angry election year.

But beneath this superficial appeal, the fact that Mr. Trump has never before stood for election, has never worked inside a legislature and has never been a decision-maker in an executive branch agency is nothing to crow about.

His complete lack of government background — other than trying to influence it — is probably a reason he’s been slipping in the polls. Many of Mr. Trump’s mistakes in judgment, tone and issue selection can be traced to the fact that he’s learning about the entity he aspires to lead from a standing start.

He might be wise in the ways of business, but he’s a novice when it comes to operating in a democratically elected government. He’s making rookie mistakes.

Mr. Trump is a marketing mogul, a polished salesman. He also knows how to manage a large, multinational business. He certainly knows how to grab attention and keep it in a world influenced by reality TV, news channels and Twitter.

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