The Washington Times

Early presidential predictions are speculation

March 6, 2015

A debate is raging over whether Republicans or Democrats have the upper hand in next year’s presidential election. Most insiders think that Hillary Rodham Clinton will benefit most because she’s cleared the field of serious opponents and that Republicans will suffer because too many of them are vying for the nomination.

The conventional wisdom is overstated.

Mrs. Clinton is sitting on her lead. Yes, she’s been tacking left rhetorically to appease increasingly liberal rank-and-file Democratic voters. But she hasn’t and probably can never move far enough to satisfy hardcore primary voters.

That’s why even a dark horse like Sen. Bernie Sanders is drawing such large crowds. He’s a legitimate progressive on a wide range of issues and always has been. He’s probably very close in ideology to the typical primary- or caucus-going Democrat. Mrs. Clinton might sound that way sometimes, but she isn’t the genuine article…

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