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March 2, 2020

Kristin Strobel

BGR Government Relations

The Look Ahead: What’s Next for State Attorneys General

While several state legislative sessions are winding down later this spring, activity in the state attorneys general space is continuing to ramp up. Since January, state attorneys general have filed multi-state lawsuits against tech companies, e-cigarette manufacturers and both local and federal governmental entities. Democratic attorneys general have filed an unparalleled number of lawsuits, 103 to be exact, against the Trump Administration during the President’s first three years in office. However, some of the AGs lawsuits are non-partisan. Just last week, New York’s attorney general filed a lawsuit against the City of New York over distressed cab medallion loans. And, this week, 42 attorneys general wrote a letter of support of the Bankruptcy Revenue Reform Act of 2019. The goal of the legislation is to help consumers while providing a level playing field for state attorneys general to guard their state’s financial interest and to enforce their existing state consumer protection laws.

Republican attorneys general will convene this weekend for the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA)’s Winter National Meeting in Washington, DC. The conference, which runs from February 29-March 2, will host a political update on activities throughout the states and issue panels on Human Trafficking, the Equal Rights Amendment, Impeachment, and Over-Enforcement and the Rule of Law. Republican attorneys general from 21 states have committed to attend.

In March, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) will convene for their 2020 Las Vegas Policy Conference from March 18-19. The agenda for the conference is still being finalized, but a large portion of the 25 Democratic state AGs are expected to attend.

Later this spring, the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) will host their Attorney General Symposium in Denver, Colorado from April 20-22. Their policy panels will include updates on the Supreme Court, Understanding and Respecting Political Differences, Addressing Rising Healthcare Costs, Hate Crimes, Ransomware, and the End to End Encryption.

For any additional information about the upcoming state attorneys general meetings and relevant activity, please contact Kristin Strobel at kstrobel@bgrdc.com.

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