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Financial services, housing finance and housing policy, crisis communications and the ability to help clients navigate the complex intersection of legal and government affairs


Financial Services, Housing Finance, Housing Policy, Crisis Communications, Criminal and Civil Litigation


Three Presidential Transitions, The White House, Department of Housing and Urban Development, litigator private practice law firm, Member of the Florida Bar

Dan Murphy’s work has led him to serve in three Presidential transitions and two Presidential administrations—one at the White House and one as Chief of Staff of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Trained as a litigator, Dan spent years defending corporate clients in Florida and now uses that experience to zealously advocate for his clients in the administration, the halls of Congress and federal agencies. The breadth of Dan’s professional experience places him squarely at the intersection of business and government. His insights into the day-to-day operations, philosophy and political world view of decision-makers in the executive branch and Congress give him an unparalleled ability to counsel CEOs and their C-suite colleagues as they attempt to navigate an ever-changing federal government. Dan believes there is no manual, there are no shortcuts, and only experience and decades of professional relationships can guide you through Washington.
Dan’s work concentrates in the financial services sector, housing finance and housing policy. His work includes representing clients with particular interests in the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008, extensive work on the legislatively historic reauthorization of the United States Export-Import Bank in 2015 and the passage of the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act of 2016 (PROMESA). In all three legislative efforts, Dan played an integral role in complicated coalitions that were utilized to advance legislation from the time of its drafting, through Congressional action and passage, to being signed by the President. Those legislative efforts stretched from a year-and-half to a decade and despite massive and well-funded opposition, Dan’s clients were victorious.
In addition, Dan will often provide Strategic Advisory Services to BGR clients who do not necessarily seek to advance a particular piece of legislation but rather need to understand the wiring diagram of the White House, federal agencies and Congress and how those three entities can and will affect their bottom line. Now more than ever, CEOs, presidents, board members and general counsels are seeking to demystify the federal government, debunk bad press and defeat their business opponents. Whether reacting to a crisis or simply trying to avoid one, Dan has counseled Fortune 500 companies, universities, associations and individuals on extremely complicated, business and personal crises. And you will never read the client’s or Dan’s name in the press – and that is just the point: we fly below the radar, fix the problem, come to a satisfactory result and quietly move on. In a world of nano-second social media, calm and strategic thinking is at a premium and will more often win the day.
As the Corporate Counsel of BGR, Dan will often work at the direction of the client’s in-house general counsel while coordinating with outside counsel as well. He has handled both significant civil and criminal matters where the client’s business and personal reputations were at stake and each was brought to a successful conclusion. His experience as a litigator, communicator and advocate make him uniquely qualified to handle highly sensitive issues while maintaining client confidentiality.
At BGR, Dan is responsible for the firm’s legal, regulatory and ethics compliance, including the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act, the Foreign Agents Registration Act and the Lobbying Disclosure Act. In addition to serving as BGR’s Corporate Counsel, Dan is a firm Principal, serves on BGR’s Executive Committee and is President of the BGR Foundation. Dan earned his law degree from the University of Notre Dame and is an active Member of the Florida Bar. His professional work and personal travel has taken him to 47 countries and territories and all 50 states. Dan and his wife Laura have been married for 27 years and have four children.

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