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Crafting winning communications strategies

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Standing with clients through crisis

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Executing digital design and social media campaigns

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Focusing on Washington and Top-Tier Audiences

BGR PR is a full-service communications shop that tells our clients’ stories in compelling fashion – and gets results – across all media platforms. We apply rigorous research and analytics to create bespoke, integrated strategies for traditional and digital platforms. We measure the results to optimize our tactics and provide easy-to-understand, actionable reports for our clients. From interviews with important editorial boards to website design to social media campaigns, BGR is your solution.


Advocacy Campaigns

BGR excels at creating short-term and sustained advocacy campaigns, targeting key media members and influencers across all relevant platforms. We start with state-of-the art media monitoring and analytics that tell our clients where they stand in the media landscape and what their strengths and weaknesses are. We then apply and manage the many elements of a modern campaign from survey research to media outreach and targeted online advertising. BGR works closely with our clients to form a coherent strategy and selects appropriate, high-impact tactics to deliver the message to the right audiences in the media, on Capitol Hill and back home. We continually monitor our efforts to determine progress, doubling-down on our successes and responding to vulnerabilities. Most importantly, senior-level BGR team members work hand-in-hand with our clients and their lobbyists. We are always by your side.

Crisis Communications

When crisis hits, minutes matter. BGR works hand-in-glove with our clients to analytically assess the situation and then suggest a fast-response strategy and appropriate tactics to retrieve control of the client’s narrative. BGR will:

Even before a crisis, BGR can help you design and implement a crisis communications plan that can be instantly executed when bad news hits. Depending on the client’s preference, BGR can take a media-facing or support role during the crisis.

Digital Strategies

BGR offers a robust online and social media practice. From web development to day-to-day operations, we pride ourselves on delivering measurable results and transforming our clients into active players online. BGR can:

No public relations campaign is complete without a digital component. BGR offers the full range from websites to social media campaigns.

We produce every variation of online and social media content: videos, photographs, email newsletters, podcasts and informational graphics -- the bumper stickers of our time. We reach exactly who you want when you want to reach them -- through careful targeting.

We create sharp online ads and alter them in real time depending on who's clicking. Along the way, we provide a dashboard of the results with precise metrics.

The guessing game over who's listening is over. We design -- and deliver -- with full transparency. That's the beauty and power of online communications.

Op-Eds/Interviews/Media Training

Even in the social media age, the client opinion article – or op-ed – carries enormous weight with government officials, policy analysts and top-tier influencers. BGR knows how to craft a winning op-ed that will get published. We work closely with the client to create high impact op-eds and to execute op-ed campaigns, targeting key audiences you want to reach in Washington, the national media, regional and trade publications and across the world online.

When it’s the client’s turn to talk to a reporter or step before a camera, they will be prepared thanks to BGR’s media training. We work with clients to hone their messages. We take clients through rigorous on- and off-camera training to show them how they can more effectively and powerfully communicate their arguments.

BGR P.R. has placed op-eds and secured high-impact interviews in the following publications among many others: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Politico, The Hill, the Financial Times, and U.S. News & World Report.

Message Development

BGR prides itself on close, long-term relationships with clients. We develop an intimate knowledge of our clients and what their goals are. Through this partnership, we help our clients develop communications strategies, devise the tactics to deliver their messages to targeted audiences with precision and clarity and secure the results our clients want.

Message development starts with research. What is the client saying and is it working? What parts of a client’s message are resonating and which are not? BGR’s deep research and analytics team creates a baseline evaluation of a client’s message. Is the language persuasive? Are the right listeners being reached? Are there better battles to be chosen? Does it seem like there’s integrity in the ideas?

Tactics are important and clients have more tactics available to them today than ever before. We make them work for you.


Few interests undertake issue campaigns alone. Finding allies and working with them in an organized fashion is central to influencing legislation and regulation. Democracy moves when large numbers of people combine to make the case together. BGR PR understands this well and has developed an expertise in coalition management. From taxation to transportation, BGR PR has led the communications efforts of large groups of companies and trade associations. United for common purpose and with clear joint communications, the coalitions have been models of efficiency and effectiveness. Large enterprises need steady hands at the helm. BGR PR has offered that repeatedly and is eager to take on more.

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